We pride ourselves on making your comfort our priority. We have been on numerous canoeing trips across the United States, and Canada. We believe our positive reviews speak for themselves.

​”We decided to have a family canoeing adventure for our girls’ 12th birthday. I can now declare that I wish most of the decisions we made in life were as brilliant! It’s hard to nominate the star of this trip: The stunning river, the amazing woods and wildlife, the thrill of crossing a patch of whitewater, the blessed distance from the rest of the world- these are all good candidates, but the gold medal has to go to Jason and Dan, our guides. We never canoed before, let alone on a lively river, in what felt like the edge of the world, and we felt completely safe the whole time. These guys ‘walk’ the river on their canoes like we walk a city sidewalk, with ease ad confidence and strength (if I happen to be swept in the wrong direction, before I even realized it one of them would be there at my side, aligning his canoe with mine, sending a long leg into my canoe and paddling us both back to the right path.) They were very friendly, on the one hand, but let us have enough privacy and quality family time on the other. They cooked the most amazing meals for us, on open fire- watching them do it was akin to watching a magician pulling a hundred rabbits out from his sleeve. On the third night we got up early and got to paddle at dawn, as the sun was rising, and the river was covered with a thick fog. I can’t begin to describe it- you had to be there. And then, as if this was not breath taking enough, Jason pointed his paddle to a black rock in the water, and we all looked stunned as the ‘rock’ lifted its enormous head from the water, and kept on just standing there, in the flowing river, in the fog, at first light. Yes, it was a moose. An unforgettable moose. I later asked Jason how did he know before the head-lifting moment, that what we were looking at was not a rock, and he simply answered ‘because I know there is no rock there in the river,’ this is how well he knows the river!

Jason and Dan, Thank you for allowing us to experience the thrill and the beauty of this river and the nature surrounding it. Mother Nature could not have hoped for better people to introduce her to us!”

– Dr. Anat Maril

“​Our 6 day canoe trip went by way too fast! We were lucky enough to have some beautiful fall weather and the colours were amazing. The guys from Smoking Rivers completely made the trip. It just wouldn’t have been the same without them. They worked hard and took great care of us. The food was delicious and they accommodated my vegan diet! We had so much fun and I’ve made some lifelong friends. I hope to do this trip again next year! Highly recommended!”

– Tonia Polak

“Just had a great camping & canoeing trip down the St. Croix- Maine at its finest! Beautiful scenes of the river, sky, and the woods with cool wildlife thrown in! Plenty of whitewater excitement too! None of our canoes ever flipped, while many others’ did! That speaks loudly of the skills of our two guides, Jason & Dan, who provided us with great training as to any different paddle strokes and lessons on reading the river for the ‘V’s.’ However more importantly they were always near to help when we happened to forget some of that training- they both are the consummate professionals- Our whole group loved the experience and wow can those boys cook!!!”

– Esq Mark J. Berardoni

“Awesome company, Jason and Dan are experienced and great with our Scouts……and they know how to cook! They were really good with the boys, having worked at Maine High Adventure, and both Dan and Chris are Eagle Scouts. They worked hard during our whole trip, making the whole trip very relaxing for us.”

– Rodney Thompson

“Jason and Dan and Zach took great care of us on a 4 day St. Croix canoeing trip. It was a good river for our various levels of canoeing expertise, and they provided plenty of guidance as needed. The camps were comfortable, picturesque, and private, and the meals were delicious and abundant. And in particular, the campfire chats were entertaining and educational. Thank you so much, fellas!”

– Kathy McIntyre