Jason Cross, Owner of Smoking Rivers

Jason Cross

You could say that guiding is in my blood. Being the second generation of two excellent canoe guides it was easy to see that the love for canoeing and leading trips was something I felt deeply about and from the age of one, my first canoe trip, I was hooked. The tradition of excellence that is my families guiding style has inspired me to build Smoking Rivers into what it is today.

I specialize in the art of reading whitewater. Due to my extensive canoe paddling and racing background, I have been looking at and breaking down whitewater for more then 2 decades. Also, I am quite good with a setting pole and versed in teaching this technique to others. I have learned this age old skill from one of the best, my father, Randy Cross who’s nick name is actually “Madpoler”. Learned fishing skills comes with the territory of growing up on river trips and my cooking has gotten excellent reviews.