American Southwest Canoe Trips

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Smoking Rivers’ destination canoe trips to the American Southwest are trips of a lifetime. Well, you may decide after going once that it needs to be a trips that happens a lot more often than once in your lifetime! These trips are great for family vacations and for serious die-hard paddlers alike. Nothing compares to the majestic cliffs and gorgeous back country you will encounter on these canoe adventures.

Clients on a canoe trip down the rio grande river

Rio Grande Canoe Trip

The Legendary Rio Grande- Flowing through some of the most beautiful and desolate desert canyons on the continent is truly one of America's premier wilderness rivers, and a true classic of the American Southwest.

Rio Grande Expeditions
San Juan River Canoe Trips

San Juan

The San Juan River canoe trip is best undertaken by those with some prior paddling experience, due to the fast-moving current and larger whitewater.

San Juan River Trip